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With the unique BaaS experience, manage all your DApp components from a single platform, gain instant access to the global network.
A solution to high costs problems with BSN, a cross-cloud, cross-portal, cross-framework, global infrastructure network used to deploy and run any type of blockchain application.
Business Areas
Permission or permissionless blockchain solutions for any application for multinational corporations, governments, financial industries, universities and the community.
We know that companies need to validate use cases and business / technical viability before implementing blockchain.

Business design

By providing your company with unmatched BaaS experience on the BSN Network, we help you plan and organize your DApp applications and manage all components from one platform without the need to be a blockchain expert.

Strategy planning

The strategic planning service that we offer you will help you take you one step ahead with technology revolution Blockchain applications, expand your Mission and define your Vision.

Digital solutions

The low-cost decentralized applications we develop with you provide trust, reliability, speed and a consistent experience accross your digital channels four your transactions, business processes and costumer experiences.

We are Chainerist, a global blockchain software and consulting company that provides strategic, secure and reliable decentralized solutions so that your business processes can be managed from a single platform, your value transfers are secure and reliable, and you are always one step ahead.

Chainerist is a group company of Experilabs, Testinium, BSN TR. As a group company, we provide consultancy and software solutions for our customers with more than 1200 engineers. We have collaborations with the world’s leading corporate companies in the field of blockchain such as Red Date, S-Lab, GFT, Arkadia to exchange our experiences in different sectors.

Group Of The Companies

We are Chainerist, Experilabs, Testinium, BSN TR group company. We share our vast experience with our customers and offer innovative, strategic, reliable software solutions and consultancy services with more than 1200 engineers working within our organization.

Blockchain technology, which debuts like the Internet, for business processes; promises trust, reliability, and fast solutions. On the other hand, learning from the beginning, establishing a new blockchain network, and keeping up with this technology, which has created a bombshell effect in the digital world, is a long and difficult process, and it is also costly.

At this point, as Chainerist, we are working with you to develop all kinds of DApp applications from the beginning, to make it easier for you to use blockchain technology without dealing with learning processes, and to increase the satisfaction of your customers; We use BSN, an inter-cloud, cross-portal, cross-framework global infrastructure network to run your applications.

Together with BSN Global, we are trying to make the price affordable for the spread of blockchain, and we aim to make a protocol such as HTTP of the internet that even our grandmothers and grandfathers can easily use.

“You Are Unique In This World, You Can Have Unique NFTs In The Digital World”

As Chainerist, we have started our “NFT (non-fungible token)” development work, which has recently become the favorite of Blockchain technology. Your NFT data is stored in the blockchain digital ledger and adopts the concept of ownership.

We turned our first NFT works for representation purposes into a collection by transforming each of our friends’ photographs into unique works of art. Visit our web site

BSN Turkey Portal Introduction

Blockchain-Based Service Network (BSN) that a Chinese government-backed blockchain project is a cross-cloud, cross portal, and cross-framework global public infrastructure network used to deploy and operate all types of blockchain distributed applications (DApps). After Hong Kong and Korea, we opened the BSN portal as the third country in the world and the first in Europe. For more content about BSN Global, you can follow the Youtube channel: BSN Base

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